Work in New Zealand

We advise throughout the process to follow for your employment.

 In addition to the option to work while studying,...

Why work in New Zealand

  1. No unemployment: New Zealand is one of the countries with the lowest rate of unemployment in the world. Hundreds of jobs are waiting. It is simple, look at the ads and see how many vacancies are.

  2. High wages: In New Zealand usually pays for hours. The current minimum is 15.50 NZD per hour, this is the least that can be won and it is the equivalent to more than 1,700 euros a month, working full-time. Depending on your qualifications and your English, incomes rise considerably.

  3. The cost of living is not as high compared to wages. For example, a liter of diesel is about 40 cents cheaper than in Spain.

  4. Adaptability of businesses: the most valued resource for companies in New Zealand is the worker. Companies are very flexible with schedules, for workers to do other things (being with family, playing sports, etc...) and enjoy the quality of life of New Zealand.

  5. Job Opportunities: If you want, you will be able to change jobs easily, whether you want to change company, move to another city, or do other work.

  6. The works are interesting: The idea of working always doing the same is not in the culture. If "you get bored" change and that’s it.

  7. Promote your job: You can improve your salary and job very easily and quickly.

  8. SMEs up small and medium enterprises: The cultural concept is that you work in a family business or a small business with fewer workers. Easy to meet people faster.

  9. Promoting self-employment: New Zealand is the country number one in the world ranking in terms of procedures to start a business. Everything can be done through the Internet.

  10. International experience: You'll get different knowledge and perspectives, very practical methods to solve problems and add that you were working in New Zealand will add cache to your C.V.

To work you must have a work visa in New Zealand.