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We are New Zealand Immigration Advisors and Licensed Advisors


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About us

We know the process because we have already been there

In 2011 we decided to leave everything behind and we chose New Zealand in search of better opportunities to offer our children.
Like you, we also put ourselves in the hands of experts who helped us chart the best path at that time for us.
After going through a whole process and after a while, we achieved our goal: residence. After the required time, today, finally, we can say that we are 'Kiwi' citizens.

From the beginning, we set out to be able to do what is now a reality: helping others to fulfill their dream of coming to New Zealand. 

To do this, we train as educational advisers as well as New Zealand Immigration Advisors.
We are proud to have helped many to come to study and / or live in this wonderful country that today, we can say with great satisfaction, that we feel like our 'home'.


Discover what sets us apart:

Empathy . We care about your case and we put ourselves in your place. We've already been through it.

We know the country and its immigration laws . We need to know about you in order to help you.

Support from the beginning , once you decide that you want help from theinfinitynz, you can count on us throughout the process and during your stay in New Zealand.

Your success is also ours. Therefore, we will do everything possible and with the legal means at our disposal, to help you achieve your dream of coming to New Zealand.

Hiring a New Zealand Immigration Advisor

New Zealand immigration laws are very complex


  • Backed by knowledgeable professionals.
  • Continuously up to date with changes in laws.
  • Represent you before Immigration in New Zealand
  • Experience in difficult cases.
  • Formed, Authorized and Guaranteed by the New Zealand government.
  • An investment in the future


  • You run a lot of risks of being wrong.
  • The law is very broad and includes exceptions that may apply to you.
  • Once information has been sent to immigration, it is very difficult to change things.
  • Immigration rulings are very difficult to appeal.
  • 3,000 rejected per year in airports for "errors" in visas.
  • Many deported after years in NZ


New Zealand is a wonderful country. Coming is the dream of many. Having good advice before embarking on the 'big adventure' is the best way to start off on the right foot. Knowing what are the requirements that must be met, the documents that must be presented, the expenses to be taken into account (apart from the trip, accommodation, insurance, ...), will make you have everything organized and prepared in advance and do not take any surprise.
Throughout these years, we have seen everything. From those who came thinking that they were going to be able to work, but did not meet certain requirements, for wanting to save money in a school that was not appropriate, to those who contracted an online course but did not get a visa to come to study.
The smartest way before starting any procedure is to be well informed. Do not hesitate and put yourself in the hands of professionals.


Let us help you achieve your dream of coming to New Zealand

  • Licensed Immigration adviser for New Zealand
  • Law Degree
  • Authorized by New Zealand Immigration
  • In Spanish

Theinfinitynz Director

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